Welcome to our new online Wonderland!!! September 05 2013



We finally have our LittleGracie online wonderland!

 Filled with all the little things that make us happy

So many new clothes that will make you smile, polka dots that could go on miles, flowers that could bloom for months, and our red headed models that well......well,will just want to make you become a ranga.

and also so many new things that we will be introducing, available to purchase as we get the hang of this whole new online world.


I have to say, i am not the most tech savy girl, so this new site- as a proud mum i am of it!!!.....could not have happened without the man behind it, Bodie from 'Dilate Marketing'.

A huge thank you for putting up with me and creating my online dream .

I love my new world, just another excuse for me to daydream

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Enjoy , we hope you love it as much as we do