Perth Fashion Festival September 18 2013

Another year gone....already! 
The Perth Fashion Festival run from the 11-16th of September this year.
And lucky lucky us, we got the slot on Friday 13th at 6:30pm in the Designer Collection showcase
It was our 4th time showing this year! yep....4th time, and against all the young fresh labels entering the scene after graduating- we did feel like bit of an oldie in the crowd.
But we still managed to put on a show that made the crowd bop in their seats!!
The whole collection was inspired around the Asian K pop scene- and even though you had no idea what they were still pretty sure it got everyone moving.
Braided hair, polka dot stockings, old school sandals....they truly were LG girls! 
Backstage, designer Ebony Harding was interviewed by the ABC - on LittleGracie's crack into the Asian fashion market. 
Watch it here.....I think everyone was pretty proud that she didnt giggle!
Designer, Ebony Harding in our 'Pansy' dress- at the opening launch 
Thank you to everyone who came and supported us!