About Us

LittleGracie collections are passionately and lovingly inspired by the colour and form of flora, with each collection creating a romantic imagery and feel. Blossoming with vintage style, each season opens another chapter of the nostalgic fairy tale of LittleGracie- 'boy meets girl'.

Unassuming designer, Ebony Harding has a strong aesthetic for bygone traditions and an exquisite eye for detail, which translates into timeless feminine beauty. Launched in 2009, Ebony came straight out of graduating and launched the label.

Since launching, the label has already achieved industry and business awards, copious features in nationwide and international fashion media, had the chance to study in France at the Paris American Academy of fashion, and has showcased the label at both Perth and Sydney Fashion Week.

With a close handle on all aspects of the business, Ebony has managed to create an ever growing loyal customer base, which is only continually expanding.